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About us

Dazzle connects organizations to top sustainability freelance talent by matching them based on their needs, challenges & ambitions

Dazzle [noun] - A group of zebras 


Why zebras? The term was coined as part of a new wave of startups with the nickname. Zebras represent the black and white of business. Zebras refer to startups that aim to make profit, while also making societal impact. Since our platform doesn’t necessarily make the impact, but our freelancers do. We unite under this name.

Image by Nick Fewings

Our story

Dazzle was founded in 2023 by Robert Smith and Anje de Jager, after multiple years of working closely together at an international sustainability consulting firm. 

Our personal and professional mission has been clear from the very beginning: we want to make it more accessible for organizations and sustainability freelancers to work together.


Dazzle is not a marketplace. We want to guarantee quality. That's why we built a pool of freelancers that are pre-screened and vetted by our team.

Whether you are a smaller company looking for more (financially) accessible sustainability expertise, or a larger organization that is in need of an extra pair of hands to implement their sustainability strategies - Dazzle has the right freelancers for you! 


Together, we make it easy for organizations to find and work with sustainability freelancers who can help them develop and implement sustainable practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and achieve their sustainability goals.

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